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About Deciduous Development

I pride myself on right first time, low cost design from the beginning and beeing truly passionate about technology.

Thomas Lövskog
Deciduous Development is a small engineering firm with passion for electronics and technology. It is owned and run by Thomas Lövskog and is a custom electronics design services agency. We provide everything you need to develop your embedded product or system.
Deciduous Development services include Technology Scouting, Product and Industrial design, Electronics design, PCB layout, Firmware as well as Software. Partial or full turnkey with all necessary work for certification.


Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.

William Pollard
Strategy in product development is essential. Otherwise it will just be a series of patchwork, prototypes and hacks. We can hep you take a step back and view the whole picture.
Trying to create a cost competitive solution without a strategy is a flawed idea. You never create a good, low cost, product by simplifying an exesting. Cost needs to be in the products DNA.

Without trust, the most essential element of innovation - conflict - becomes impossible.

Patrick Lencioni
Electronics is the fundamental know-how with us. I have been an hardware engineer with focus on PCB's and PCB design for 35+ years.

We do electronics from napkin to box-build. With decades of electronic experience, we ahve seen it all. Anything from power supplies, through the latest RF and wireless technologies.

We can also support you wih consulting work on PLM system and setting up your tool chain for electronics.

The history of innovation is the story of ideas that seemed dumb at the time.

Andy Dunn
We have experience regarding software within embedded, iOS/Android apps and Desktop applications under Linux as well as Windows in C#
Extensive experience in web reated applications and frameworks. These inlcudes Material CSS, NodeJS, Python, React, Vue.JS, among other things.

In the long run, competition makes us better... it drives innovation.

Dennis Mullenberg
Although we can't with a straight face say we have much experience within mechanics, we do now how it relates to electronics and electromechanics in product development.
We use Audodesk Inventor and 3D Studio Max for mechanical work and visualization.

Why Choose Us?

We’re Creative

Creativity and Innovation runs deep in us. We thrive at combining technologies in ways not done before.

We’re Punctual

We will really walk the extra mile to deliver on time, no matter what. No blame games here.

Magic Sauce

Right first time. I am a small private business and a extremely passionate engineer. I do not have much overhead and need very few processes. I work from clear requirement to finished products at fixed cost, or with prototyping with a clueless beginning and on a running bill.

We love Technology

If something can't be done with Technology, we just need more ...

We’re responsible

If we have made a commitment, we stick to it ... even if it means doing the final details on a flight to vancouver.

We're Friendly

No blame, no squabble over tine details. No hidden agenda, nor any fineprint. We just love doing what we do, and love to help.


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